rushysgirl (rushysgirl) wrote in agingbeauty,

Hello there...

Howdy all.  I'm 18 and I am attracted to older males for some strange reason.  I have a major thing for the wonderful Geoffrey Rush so I was absolutely thrilled to see some pics and posts about him here!  Props!  Older guys just seem to exude a special kind of charm and sexy spark that I just don't see in younger guys.  Call me crazy, but the sex appeal of mature men is magnetic!  Hmm let's see, well I'm also another young Rickman fangirl, it's amazing how many chicks dig this bloke!  I think Robert Lindsay is absolutely divine.  God, there's so many others but my mind is blank.  Anyway, ta ta for now, just thought I'd pop in and say hello.  But before I go, some perving material of a few of my favourite older guys to stimulate the senses...







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