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Lisa and Anne's "a heart for aging blokes"
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You think aging blokes are hot?
This is the right place to share your thoughts and pictures.

But for those of you being unsure WHAT an aging bloke is, here are some 'rules' or definitions:

1) The aging bloke mustn't be younger than you are, anything older is allowed.
2) Sexual arousal level of 10+ to be measured in the widening of your lenses.
3) Your aging bloke has to be alive. Otherwise he's no aging bloke anymore but a dead bloke and no subject of discussion. Sorry. But we are not necrophile.
4) Your aging bloke has to be a deep thinker, although Jonathan Ross isn't.
5) For obvious reasons we can't allow entries about Brian Molko.
6) As long as you can prove that your aging bloke is an aging bloke indeed, we will accept that and agree.

If you still think this is the place to spread some aging-blokes-love, please join.
You may post as much as you want, believe us, no one will complain!

Additionally we'd like you to introduce yourself.
It's nothing too complex, just a short introduction to get to know you and your obsessions better ^^

What's your name?
Where do you come from?
How old are you? (We need to know that according to our rule #1 ^^)
Who are your favourite aging blokes (please show us a picture )? Why?

Do your lovely little mods a favour, put pictures under a lj-cut AND tag them. Because pictures will be easier to find that way and we all want that, don't we? ;) The tag-list can be found here.

That's it, cheers :)
We hope you'll have fun!

P.s.: Please put pictures being effing big under a lj-cut. Otherwise it screws the layout up and Lisa goes mad and eats you alive. :P